Jason says "read this blog!"
Just when I'm about to sign the DNR papers for this blog something comes along and inspires me to write another post. One of these days Jason Segel will come to his senses and beg me to befriend him. I just hope he isn't waiting to see the 365th reason. It may take years.

365 Reasons Why...An Explanation

Well, hello there (said in a very sexy voice). You're looking quite lovely today. Welcome to my blog. Feel free to take off your shoes and get comfortable, maybe leave a comment or two. This started out as kind of a funny thing to do after I blew a phone conversation with Jason, but I've found I really enjoy writing every day and researching new and interesting things about my future BFF. In January I met Jason at a comedy club and the few words we shared only reinforced my belief that he and I would get along famously. As a dear friend of mine recently said, "why wouldn't he want to be friends with you - you're awesome!" Perhaps the 365 reasons in this blog may just convince Jason of what I already know to be true: separately, our awesomeness is great; combined, it may be enough to take over the world. If you want to be one of my esteemed followers, simply click on the 'follow' button toward the bottom of the page. Come on, you know you want to.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

California, here I come...

On the off chance that you're free next Saturday, Jason, I thought I'd let you know there is a 93% chance that I will be frolicking in Disneyland that day. I'm flying into San Diego to spend much-needed time with my current bestest friend and both of us would be happy to have you join us in the Magic Kingdom. Plus, if you come to me it will be a lot less awkward than me setting up a stakeout outside your house. Just think of all the fun we could have - geeking out while we watch Captain EO, complaining about the park changing the Swiss Family Robinson experience into a Tarzan reference (I mean, really), guffawing at the corny jokes told during the Jungle Cruise, taking way too many pictures of us posing like Indiana Jones while waiting in line for his kick-ass ride, trying to freak out the other tourists by making eerie noises when our Doom Buggy inevitably stops in the middle of the Haunted Mansion - the entertainment options are limitless. I promise not to complain if I get drenched on Splash Mountain (well, I'll keep the kvetching to a minimum), vomit on the teacups, or force you to go on Dumbo, which may be the lamest ride in the whole place. Just shoot me an email if you're up for some rip roarin' shenanigans and we'll start planning the Disneyland trip of a lifetime (or at least of February 2011). If you play your cards right I may even treat you to a pair of personalized Mickey ears. How could any red-blooded American resist?